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In 1988, Brian's passion for cinema would put him in Los Angeles, attending The Movie Group Institute.  Here he would study Cinematography and Directing under the watchful eye of the late Actor, Ross Hagen (Daktari, Gunsmoke, Mission Impossible, The Fall Guy). A short time later, Ross would use Brian to shoot the low budget physiological cult thriller, "The Media Madman," directed by Ross and starring Actor Hoke Howell (Another 48 hours, Far and Away, Alien Species). Shortly thereafter, he worked work as Assistant Camera, for such greats as the late Gary Graver, one of the last remaining Cinematographers for Orson Wells.

Brian Johnson's lifetime has taken him through personal and professional experiences far greater than he would have ever imagined.  Raised on a farm in North Carolina, he never imagined that one day he would be working with award winning cinematographers and directors.


After obtaining a degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting in 1985, he began his journey with an NBC affiliate in South Carolina.  Working as a Video Editor and later a studio camera operator, it wasn't long before he realized he needed more creative challenges.

Later in his career, Brian would direct and shoot such notables as Donald O'Conner (Singing In The Rain), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex In The City), and many others. He would go on to obtain credits in the visual effects department of Paramount Televisions “Seven Days” TV series and the Emmy winning CBS Sports documentary, "The Life and Times of Pete Maravich." in which he would be credited as Cinematographer.


Cinematographer / Director


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